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natalie wonder clips a desire only a son can fullfill

Honey, it-s so late why are you still up? Oh I see. So did you hear your father -amp- I fighting in the bedroom? No? Okay good. I don-t feel like talking about it right now though. I poured myself a big glass of wine to feel better. I drank the whole thing. I-m feeling a little buzzed now. Wait, what? What-s that, sweetie? Awww thank you. You-re such a sweetheart. Do you really think I look beautiful right now? I wish your father could be more like you. So anyways, your father -amp- I haven-t had any sex in months! And as a woman I have certain needs. So I thought I-d surprise your father tonight but putting on a sexy little outfit. Turns out he didn-t care for it. He says I-m being selfish! He says he has to be up early in the morning, he-s so exhausted -amp- he-s got too much on his mind. HE-S the one being selfish if you ask me! I just don-t know what to do. I feel I-m going out of my mind.

published26th, Dec '18
updated 29th, Dec '18
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